Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Contents Cleaning in Mission,Texas.

Our company received a call from an insurance agent who had a client who had suffered smoke damage in their belongings.

SERVPRO of McAllen performed a visual inspection and concluded that the best option was to perform a pack out and transport everything to our facilities to do a professional cleaning and deodorization.

Using specialized software, a detailed inventory was carried out with images, and the furniture was packed for protection. One of the most important steps that are performed is a deodorization by means of activated oxygen (ozone), which may require more applications depending on severity. In our facilities, we used the most modern method in the market such as ultrasonic; Esporta Washing System to carry out proper cleaning of the contents.

It took our team approximately two weeks to conclude cleaning and deliver the client’s belongings.

In the end, the Agent and Client were satisfied by the final results.  

Fire damage in Rio Hondo,Tx.

SERVPRO of Mcallen responded to an emergency call about fire damage.

SERVPRO arrived and found the entire structure affected by soot.         

Our team started the services with the pack out of the contents and moved them to our storage facility. Afterwards, under the instructions of the adjuster we proceeded to demolish the drywall, cabinets, insulation and ceramic tile in the entire home.                                                               

The demolition took us approximately three weeks to finished; the next steps was deodorization and seal the stud work with 2 coats of shellac. Immediately after this, we start the re-construction.

The construction is currently in process, the supervisor is expected to deliver this project in 4 weeks. 

Fire on Office, in Rio Grande City.

SERVPRO of McAllen received a call for a fire inspection at an office in the school district of Rio Grande, Texas. When arriving, the first thing that was found was that the entire building of approximately 15,000 sq ft was affected by smoke, after discussing the cleanup strategy with the person in charge, the mitigation works were approved and our team started all the logistics necessary to start the job.

Residential Fire damage in McAllen ,Texas

SERVPRO of Mcallen respond to an emergency call to attend an roof tarp.

Due electrical fire, a  percentage of the roof was destroy. Our techs started the job covering the roof.

The next we start with pack out and structure clean up.

Fire damage in apartments Complex,Laredo,TX.

SERVPRO of McAllen responded an emergency call to attend a fire damage in one apartment.

We fund the structure affected by smoke due intentional fire on the carpet, The technicians started the services inmediatly,the cleaning project take 4 days to be completed.

Esporta Wash System

SERVPRO of McAllen has the most modern systems in the Restoration Industry and The Esporta iS4000 is one of them.  Esporta cleans 90% of all damaged soft contents. These soft contents include the homeowners clothing, bedding, outerwear, pillows and stuffed animals. It includes leather items such as shoes, boots, belts, purses and jackets. Plus the full range of sports equipment, helmets, rollerblades & ski boots. Even ceramic collector dolls can be held stationary for cleaning.

The Esporta Wash System is capable of cleaning soot, sewage, water damage and bio-contamination.  SERVPRO of Mcallen is the only Company that has this revolutionary equipment and the only Company that offers Textile Restoration in South Texas.