Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Cleaning in Mission, Texas.

This Costumer received  the results of Air quality test ,the counting of spores was not acceptable for the requirements of the Building.

With no visual damage,Our Technicians proceed to install plastic contentment and Air scrubbers (HEPA).

The last step was clean the entire structure, After 5 days , the structure was re-tested and the Building reach the requirements in the air quality. 

Mold cleaning in Weslaco , Texas

SERVPRO Of McAllen attended a cleaning in a Building, This was affected by  suspicious growth in the surfaces (furniture, cardboard boxes).

The affected area was server room,was being affected by condensation due temperature of HVAC versus the heat irradiated by the server.

Our team install a contentment , HEPA air scrubbers and performed a deep cleaning process.

Mold Remediation on Hospital, Brownsville, Texas.

SERVPRO of McAllen performed an inspection in an empty building that had previously been a hospital. Due to problems with the roof system, water was leaking into different areas and levels of the building, for several period of time.
SERVPRO made mold remediation in 60% of the structure, the process lasted more than 60 days to be finished.

Mold Remediation in School of Mission, TX.

SERVPRO of Mcallen was contracted to realized a mold remediation in some classrooms on this school.

after the first inspection our technicians found different areas affected , We received a protocol and instructions what areas need to be removed and areas to clean.

After 15 days of work, SERVPRO of McAllen finished the project.

Mold cleanup on McAllen , Texas

SERVPRO of McAllen received a call from one of our clients that requested an inspection in one apartment because they had suspicion of a bacterial growth.

Our techs found a suspicious growth on all of the contents in the entire apartment.

The source was high relative humidity which was due to the HVAC system.

SERVPRO realized total cleanup of hard contents, and textiles was necessary. We strongly suggested to the client to fix the Air conditioning system.

Mold remediation on Edinburg, Texas

SERVPRO of McAllen received a call to inspect an apartment, our technicians found that the emergency drain was clogged in the Air conditioning unit, the water was affecting the interior of the  AC closet.

SERVPRO began with installing containments with plastic, to make sure to encapsulate the affected areas. We installed negative air fans to secure any loose particles will not become air borne. All affected walls were removed, and the ducts were cleaned as well.