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Commercial Water Damage on Alamo,Texas

SERVPRO of McAllen received an emergency call from one of school districts.

The school have more 10 classrooms affected, Our teams were dispatched immediately after the received the phone call.

Our professional team training in commercial losses arrived to the school and find standing water in some rooms and big amount of contents affected by the water.

The first step was figure out the best way to attack the mitigation process with out  affect the daily flow from the school.

After talk with the people in charge,Our Production manager start the extraction on several rooms,the rest of team start moving and blocking contents,trying to minimize the secondary damages.

This water take 3 teams for six hours to mitigate the entire damaged area, SERVPRO of McAllen used more 170 pieces of drying equipment on this project.

Commercial Water Loss in McAllen, TX

We received a call for a water loss in McAllen, TX at 5:20 PM. In which a hotel was affected due to the sprinkler system going off and affecting 5 suites. 

Our technicians, proceeded with extracting all the standing water from the rooms affected. The drying process began with removal of the baseboard and drilling holes to create cavities for drying. After the necessary demolition was complete, the crew chief proceeded with setting up the necessary drying equipment. 

After 4 days of having the equipment run, we were able to restore the structure back to within normal levels. 

Commercial Water loss in Pharr, TX

We received a call for a water loss at 5:56 AM for a medical facility that had their water filtration system malfunction. The on-site contact notified us that there was still standing water present in building.

Our on-call technicians responded immediately in which they proceeded with extraction of the remaining water in the affected areas. 

The job process began with removal of the cove base in the affected areas, and proceeding with drilling holes to create cavities for drying. Once all the necessary demolition was complete. The technicians proceeded with setting up all the necessary drying equipment to reach goal. 

Due to great effort from our production team, we were able to deliver the medical facility back to normal like the water loss had never even happened. In three days time, we were able to restore the structure back within normal levels. 

Water Damage in Weslaco,Texas.

SERVPRO of Mcallen received a call in Saturday night, the customer experienced a water loss in the building, most the seventy percent of the structure was affected.

Our production manager needed of 3 teams of 2 techs and 6 hours to produce this job.

Duct cleaning in Harlingen ,Tx

SERVPRO of McAllen received a request to perform an inspection on a commercial building, as per client, the employees were suffering from different types of allergies and the company wanted to know what may be the cause of this. 

Our lead Technician proceeded with checking any discoloration and/or stains over walls or ceilings. The second step was taking moisture content readings and checking the relative humidity in the building. Last step was inspecting duct work and coil of HVAC system.

We found the structure and humidity within acceptable standards. We recommended the duct work and coil a simple clean up. 

This job was scheduled after hours, so that we do not disturb the normal day-to-day operations. After 3 nights SERVPRO of McAllen completed the job. 

Water Damage in Rockport, TX.

August 25th 2017, when Harvey made landfall along the Middle Texas Coast. Affecting Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO of McAllen responded to this event and attended a commercial building in the Rockport area.

This site was affected with 12" of water inside the structure. After consulting with the customer and adjusters, Our lead technician prepared the demolition and drying plan.

Our team of seven technicians began removing glued down wood floor in the entire store. Secondly, we began removing baseboards and wood panels installed over the walls. Lastly, we cut 4' high of drywall across the perimeter of the affected areas, which also included insulation removal.

After the complete demolition was complete, our team continued with the cleanup, and disinfection. After all the needed disinfection was completed, we installed all the necessary drying equipment needed to successfully restore the building.  

Commercial water Damage on Mission,TX.

SERVPRO of McAllen responded to an emergency water damage, after they arrived, our technicians found all the building flooded with 2" of water. Our team proceded with extraction, that step took us 4 hours to finally remove all the standing water out of the structure, the second step was cove base removal, drill holes and installation of drying equipment.  Successful dryout was completed within 3 days.

Sanitize Commercial Building in Weslaco,TX.

Our client gave us a call after employees began to have respiration issues. In which we responded as quickly as possible.

The instructions were to clean and disinfect the whole building. Our technicians only had an 8 hours window to complete this project, and leave the offices ready for operations the next day.

Commercial Water damage and clean up in Hidalgo,TX.

SERVPRO of McAllen received over the weekend a call from City of McAllen to attend a water loss in the basement of the Bridge administration offices, Our technicians quickly responded and found the basement full of water and mud, the source was a failure of the sump pump.

The team started with extraction of the Category 3 water that exceeded one inch on a majority of the affected area. Afterwards, we finished the extraction of the water. We began with the removal of the mud, this took three technicians approximately 2 hours to complete this process.

Later that night, the technicians cleaned, and disinfected the whole area. Then they installed all the necessary drying equipment. Thanks to their hard work, they left the structure to be operational the next day "Like it never even Happened."

Cleaning on Commercial Building in Edinburg,TX.

SERVPRO of McAllen responded to service one our clients facilities, Our Techs found suspicious microbial growth over the data cabling running under the Server Room.

Due constant change of tempearture in the crawl space, condensation on the cables ended up producing the microbial growth.  The mission was to clean (wet wipe with antimicrobial) all the cables in this area. It took 3 nights with 8 hours shifts to leave the room "Like it  even never Happened."