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Accredited with BBB since 2014!

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

mcallen SERVPRO accredited Call at 956-631-0348 for more information on our 24/7 emergency services!

When you are looking for a company to trust inside your home/business, so many factors matter in your search for the right company. We want you to feel more than confident when you chose of SERVPRO East Brownsville and SPI. Our admins are on standby 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or to begin a job. Meaning YES if we need a crew of technicians to go on-site on a weekend, Holiday, or before/after working hours WE WILL BE THERE.

You don’t have to work with our schedule, we’ll work with yours! Not only does that allow you to continue living your day-to-day life without interruptions but it allows us to finish faster and return your home/business, “Like it never even happened.”

We have been in business for over 13 years, and have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on 09/2014! The search is OVER! SERVPRO is the company you want to hire when dealing with ANY catastrophic events! Our admins work 24/7 to answer any questions you may have in regards to our available emergency services. Don’t forget to browse our website and check out our before and after section to view the impact SERVPRO has on homes/businesses.


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servpro cleaned Call us at 956-631-0348

With our communities returning slowly back to the new normal SERVPRO is dedicated to providing a feeling of confidence in the valley and we’re doing just that with our CERTIFIED: SERVPRO Cleaned program.

We provide a new defensive pathogen cleaning program that goes way beyond your standard cleaning products. (This is a PROACTIVE viral pathogen cleaning) With over 50 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation & decontamination, trusting SERVPRO of McAllen professionals in your home when it comes to disinfecting is the way to go.

At SERVPRO we provide 24/7 services meaning we can work with YOUR schedule not the other way around. You don’t have to miss work or sacrifice your weekend for us. You pick the time and date and we’ll coordinate with you! It’s the beauty of having services available round clock.

Don’t wait, if you’re interested in our commercial services, or are you a consumer looking for disinfection of your home? You can reach out to one of our admins who are on standby 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Spring Cleaning TIPS with SERVPRO

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

clean spring SERVPRO Our professional residential & commercial cleaning services can also make a dirty carpet, or any other dirty upholstery "Like it never even happened."

As March marches itself into the year, how well are YOU prepared for spring cleaning?

That’s right, it’s that time again when we have the kids in our home for about 2 weeks and we start cleaning out ALL the clutter we accumulated over our “hibernation”. We all know we want to jump into the cleaning and get it over with, but sometimes that’s not the best way to go about it

In this blog we are going to jump into some tips that can help you provide a faster and more effective spring cleaning and even leave you some time to enjoy for yourself:

  • Go room by room: as we mentioned earlier, sometimes we want to tackle the whole house in one day and it can get overwhelming quickly. You want to start off easy, give yourself time, and go room by room
  • Organize: As you’re going room by room declutter and organize it’s the most effective way to create a system as you clean
  • Get the whole household involved: 2 is better than 1 and when you get the whole family to help out you begin to cut your time shorter and that’s always the goal
  • Keep your cleaning products to a minimum: One mistake we make is overbuying the cleaning products we think we’ll need to clean then not knowing where to store the cleaning products after. Purchase what you need only.

At SERVPRO we provide cleaning services that can help you accomplish this project if you feel it's not possible to fit a spring cleaning into your busy schedule.

Kids spill drinks, pets have accidents, and homes get dirty, that's life. SERVPRO of McAllen has the expertise to provide a deeper clean than any other basic house cleaning services that our competitors provide.

Our residential, and commercial cleaning services will ease the burden of the constant maintenance cleaning of your home, but will also create a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Power Strips and Surges with SERVPRO of McAllen

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Surge protectors are great because they provide several outlets and that can come in very handy. However, depending on what you’re plugging in, not every outlet should be used. Most things we tend to plug in are like a phone, computer, or gaming console, which don’t use much power. Items found in your kitchen, on the contrary, such as a toaster, crockpot, or skillet would draw more power and could potentially cause electrical issues.

If the power strip or surge protectors begin to feel hot, it is a sign that you have too many things plugged in and should start unplugging to play it safe.

Watch for burn marks or melted plastic that would also indicate that there are to many things plugged in.

Before plugging in your next electronic device, look at what’s going on with your power strip or surge protector.

If in the event something does go wrong and you suffer from an electrical fire you can count on SERVPRO of McAllen. This type of damage can be especially upsetting and destructive for your family to process. You may feel stressed, confused, and vulnerable so you’ll need a caring expert to guide you through this crisis. We’ll treat you with respect, and empathy, and we’ll  always treat your home and belongings with care. We will work nonstop until we get your life back to normal.

Fire Evacuation Plans for Childcare Centers

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know? US Fire Administration claims an estimated 325 fires occur in daycares annually. With that being said we believe that having and practicing an evacuation plan would be ideal to avoid and prevent any serious injuries and accidents in the event of a fire.

When it comes to fires there’s a storm of questions running in your head especially when having a building filled with children. Did everyone make it out okay? Where there any visitors in the building? Who called in sick today? All of these questions require for a quick answer even in the middle of all the commotion. Remember were talking about kids here and removing a building filled with kids at the same time. There’s no room for error or second-guessing. This is where a well-practiced evacuation plan can be the difference between having everyone out in time or not.

Ideally the goal is to have a strategized plan before opening to begin with. Everyone must understand their role and be able to identify which caregiver will be responsible for which children. Children who don’t yet walk ideally are distributed evenly among the caregivers. Keeping multiple copies of a parent phone tree through out the facility will also help when trying to communicate with parents. (Assure this list is kept updated and current) Your caregivers should be able to know how to use a extinguisher in the event its necessary to use. There should be 2 exits in every room in the building. Sometime a window may be the only option as a way out, assure there’s a    way for the kids to safely evacuate through that window if necessary. Parents should be able to know how to locate you in the event of a relocation. Designate primary and secondary assembly locations. During a fire it is important that overall, you try to remain calm and follow protocols at all times, and call 911 from the secure location. DO NOT re enter the building unless the fire department says its safe to go back in there. Once all employees and children have been safely evacuated, begin checking the attendance roster. Once that is done you may now begin contacting parents after that, call your local SERVPRO for help with your insurance claim process and we can start on the clean-up and restoration process. 

Final Checklist during storm

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Living in the valley for plus 25 years has taught me 2 things: we’re always at risk of hurricanes due to the Gulf of Mexico and we have the best tacos. Let’s focus more on the first, hurricane readiness.

Actions to take when a storm is in the Gulf of Mexico:

- Stay on top of the news on tv, radio, or NOAA weather radio for updates on the storms progress- Make sure you double check all your items in your emergency kit- Assure your vehicle has gas and is up to date on its service- If residing in mobile home, inspect and secure mobile home tie-downs- Board up windows (if shutters do not exist), in the event the storm moves quicker than anticipated with high winds or you have to evacuate- TAPE PROVIDES NO PROTECTION WHEN BOARDING UP - Store your outside furniture or light weight objects like garbage cans and trampolines that are prone to flying away due to high winds- Garage or store away any vehicles not in use- If your local city is providing instructions on evacuation follow their directive as provided

Final actions to take if EVACUATING:

- Turn off (if any) propane tanks- Unplug small appliances- Empty out your refrigerator and freezer- Turn off utilities (if ordered to do so)- Lock up you home securely- Take PETS with you.

Final actions to take if STAYING:

- Close shutters (if any)- Notify a family member or family friend of your evacuation plan- If you have a pool, lower the water lever to about a foot- If in an apartment complex follow instructions from emergency managers and be prepared to turn off facilities if instructed to do so- Board up remaining doors, windows, brace garage door and stay inside- Stay away from boarded up doors and windows- Take refugee in a room with no windows like a restroom closet, or hallway- If you need to call 911 know that during a landfalling hurricane assistance may take longer than usual to get to you.

If after the storm you suffer from internal structure damages to your building or home call SERVPRO. We can handle the insurance claim, clean-up and restoration process leaving it look, “Like it never even happened.” We stand by your side as storm experts and local owners we understand the stress that comes when dealing with flood/storm loses. We are here to help. Call for more information on our available storm services for you at 956-631-0348

Did you know?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Do you or anyone you know need some form of assistance during times of an emergency/disaster event?
DID YOU KNOW the state of Texas offers Texans the option to register with the STEAR program, a FREE registry that will provide local emergency planners and responders with additional information on the needs in their community?

Note: the Texas communities use the registry information in different ways. Registering yourself or your loved one DOES NOT guarantee that you will receive a specific service during an emergency.

Services vary per community, if you would like more specific information on the STEAR program, contact your local emergency management office.

Who CAN register?

- People with disabilities- People with access and functional needs as:o People with limited mobilityo People who had communication barrierso People who require personal careo People who require additional medical assistance during an emergency evento People who require transportation during an emergency

How can I register?

- HTTPS:// STEAR.tdem.texas.giv- Dial 2-1-1 or use your video phone to relay option of choice to contact 211- Printed or electronic forms (contact your local government)

What is required to register>

- Name- Address- Phone number- Primary Language

Questions you will be asked additionally to obtain vital information for local emergency planners and responders

- Emergency contact- Caregivers’ information- Pets- Transportation assistance for home evacuation- Communication barriers- Disability, Functional or medical needs

NOTE: information provided will be kept COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL

Can your business survive a natural disaster?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

The harsh truth is many businesses don't survive after a natural disaster. More than 30 percent of businesses never reopen their doors after they've been closed down by a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other devastating calamity. A disaster recovery plan and adequate insurance are keys to getting back to business, say the Insurance Information Institute and the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

Your insurance plan should consider: natural disaster

Understand your policy and deductibles and limits. Speak with your insurance agent or company representative to make sure you know what kind of coverage you have.

Have sufficient coverage to pay for the indirect costs of the disaster. Coverage should include the disruption to your business, as well as the costs of rebuilding.

Evaluate your property insurance policy. Insure any improvements you've made the property. There may be limitations on what the policy will pay for certain items. If you need higher amounts, discuss this with your agent.

Consider flood or earthquake insurance. Typical property insurance policies exclude coverage for flood or earthquake damage. If you're located in a flood zone, you'll probably have to buy a separate policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Protect yourself against business interruption. Business interruption insurance covers the profits a business would have earned, based on its own records, had the disaster not occurred. It also pays for the operating expenses that continue, such as payroll, even though the business activities come to a temporary halt.

Include extra expense insurance. Extra expense insurance reimburses you for what you spend, over and above your normal operating expenses, to avoid having to shut down during the restoration period.

Leave no gaps in your insurance. Insurance policies should include property, business interruption, and extra expense insurance. Even if your basic policy covers expenses and loss of net business income, it may not cover income interruptions due to damage that occurs away from your premises, such as to your key customer or supplier or to your utility company.

If in the event you do need a professional mitigation and restoration company after a natural disaster we are the ones to call. We work 1x1 with your insurance adjusters and can provide an onsite estimate if needed! With emergency services available 24/7, there’s no doubt the choice is simple! Count on SERVPRO of McAllen

Loss Prevention Tips for Businesses

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Each spring follow these sump pump maintenance tips to ensure yours works properly and avoid any damages to your business:

STEP 1: Remove the cover. Check the pit or sump well for debris, such as mud, rocks, or gravel.

STEP 2: Flush the system. Ensure proper pump operation by flushing out the system with water from a hose or bucket of water. When the pump turns on, listen for any strange sounds. The pump should run smoothly. If it doesn’t, that could signal worn or damaged parts. (SERVPRO TIP: Contact a local plumber immediately for service.)

STEP 3: Inspect the float switch. As water fills the pit, make sure the float travels freely on the float rod.

Step 4: Inspect the discharge pipe. Before major rain, make sure the discharge hose is free from debris or obstructions, such as mulch, mud, stones, or rodent nests. Ensure that the discharged water runs away from your foundation.

Final Step: Inspect the check valve. Make sure your sump pump has a 3/16 relief hole in the riser pipe between the pump discharge and the check valve. This prevents check valve air locks and greatly extends the life of your pump.

There are times that we may not stay current with our sump pump maintenance and it could lead to bigger damages. If it the even this happens and you are in need of a professional mitigation and restoration company, CALL SERVPRO of McAllen

3 Categories 1 Company

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

Oh, no! Not another leak, but where is it even coming from !? And who do you call at 10:30 pm on a Sunday??
Here’s what you’re going to do, call the professionals SERVPRO of McAllen!!!
You must understand that as the #1 preferred company for most insurance companies and local businesses and as a personal preferred go to restoration and mitigation company we KNOW what we’re doing and we do it the BEST!! With 24/7 services available you can expect a fast response and a team out there to you quickly!

Now we don’t want you to feel like there’s nothing you can do. Knowing what kind of categories of water damages there are can you a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

There are 3 different types of water categories, let’s break them down:

Category 1: Clean water

> this is an example of floodwater that does NOT post an immediate health threat, aka clean water. Clean water can result from malfunctioning appliances or melting snow and rainwater. These damages are easy to clean up normally by one self. Note: if this clean up isn’t done within 48 it will turn to our, next, category 2: greywater

Category 2: Greywater

> aka as a sullage. It is referred as wastewater that is NOT contaminated with fecal matter. Household waste water comes from bathtubs and showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and sinks. This kinda water normally contains fewer pathogens than blackwater and can be recycled, like to flush toilets. Note: if this isn’t treated within 48 hours it will turn into category 3: black water.

Category 3: Blackwater

> now THIS is going to be your contaminated water with human waste and other pathogens and toxins. Black water is commonly known coming from broken sewage pipes and contains human waste such as urine and fecal matter as well as even toilet paper. Raw sewage is classified as black water and is known for carrying bacteria and contaminated with dissolved chemicals and particulates, making contact even more dangerous.
If after going over these different categories you suspect your home might be a victim of black or greywater, call the 24/7 cleanup and restoration company you can rely on.
Call SERVPRO of McAllen!!