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8/31/2021 (Permalink)

equipment floor Emergency Services Available 24/7!

Would you be shocked, to learn today, that flood damage is not considered a form of water damage?  “What?” “How?” or “Why?” are probably all the questions going through your head right now. You’re not alone though.

Homeowners/business owners sometimes don’t know or realize that water damage and flood damage are 2 different kinds of coverages. It’s important to know that if you own a home but do not have flood insurance, you will not be compensated by your insurance company for flood damage.

We’re going to break down some components for you here and explain some causes and key items your insurance WONT cover in the event of either flood or water damage.

Water Damage:

Potentially covered by homeowner’s insurance. Affects only your home.

  • Common causes:
    • appliances, busted/frozen/leaking pipes, bathtub/toilet overflow
  • Key items not covered:
    • Repair of the source of the leak (i.e. washing machine)
    • Flood damage

Flood Damage:

Potentially covered by flood insurance. Rising water OUTSIDE the home as well. You and your neighbors where effected (2 or more properties)

  • Common causes:
    • Body of water overflow
    • Heavy constant rain
  • Key items not covered:
    • Outside Property (trees, fences)
    • Vehicles

Get in contact with your insurance to get a personal breakdown, if you’re facing water damages. They can determine if for your scenario, you’d be covered.

One step ahead of the storm with SERVPRO of McAllen

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

water damage preventions restoration We use TOP of the line equipment to provide YOU the BEST experience, "Like it never even happened."

One step ahead of the storm with SERVPRO

Do you remember singing “Rain rain go away come again another day…” back in elementary, with the illusion it would actually make the rain stop and let us go outside and play? Oh, those where the good days. Now as adults we are faced with the reality that there’s so much more behind “rain”. The damages that can come from continues rainfall a long with hurricanes, tropical storms and thunderstorms can be severe depending on the catastrophe itself.

These are a few things you can do to keep you one step ahead of the storm:

Keep an emergency kit prepared: You want to be prepared with essentials you know you may need. Varying from germ x, Clorox wipes/sprays, important medications, woman hygiene, band aids, gauze, face masks

Keep an emergency FOOD kit: be prepared with canned food and waters. Food in general that you can store for a good period of time is what you want to go for. Note: when you keep an FOOD kit you are to replace the food before the experitation date to avoid any rotten food being stored in your ki.

Keep an available spare change of clothes: You don’t have to do this, BUT if you want to be extra prepared or have gone through these scenarios before and know you might be away from home for a long period of time due to being evacuated its always a smart idea to keep a spare change of clothes.

Keep all important documentation together: (In the event of evacuation) These documents can vary from personal documentation to any other documents you feel you may need in the event you must travel; out of city, county or even state.

Know of available shelters: (or relatives) in the event you have to relocate.

In the event you are faced with severe damages after the storm has passed DON’T hesitate in calling and counting on the ones who face catastrophe for a living. ONE of our job’s expertise is to provide clean-up and restoration services after any WATER damages your home suffers. We can provide you back a home, “Like it never even happened.”  We offer emergency 24/7 services, and are ready to assist you! Call now, at 956-631-0348 and check out our websites picture gallery for past jobs!

KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s there?

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sandbag locations Check out these sandbag locations for local valley residents and commercial business owners!

ACCORDION. According who? Accordion to the forecast, it's going to rain tonight!! Ha ha ha! (okay, maybe I should stick to blogging) Here we go:

We can all agree that when it comes to rainfall, we might be able to predict how MUCH rain we might receive (thanks to our friendly local weather channels) but will it get in the house? THAT is the real question, if it continues to rain at a heavy pace will the water come in through the door or bust a pipe outside my house etc... we don’t even think of these questions till the day of to be honest. Some of us don’t even realize such things till were standing in a puddle of water in our hallway. needless to say, we need to be prepared. Weather it’s a home or a BUSINESS you don’t want any damages due to water coming in through the doors. The best solutions to this problem (and to be able to sleep better at night) is to be prepared with SAND BAGS! This is one thing that you can do to help prevent water from making its way into your home! Check out the locations in the image attached to this blog, for valley residents and commercial businesses! Follow us on Facebook for daily posts and pictures!

Your floor’s forever companion is in need!

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clean carpet Feel safe, knowing our equipment is TOP of the line to provide the BEST service for YOU!

Having your home carpeted is probably one of the best feelings ever! Dealing with damages to it is a different story. The idea of a moist carpet is just awful, and if let alone could lead to mold growth. With that being said if you see the interior of your carpeted home suffer any water damages, it is crucial you seek professional water damage restoration services. (LIKE US!!)

Although not all water damages are severe to where you require outside services. For example, if you spill something small, like a glass of water, or have wet foot prints within the home; here’s a couple of steps you may want to follow:

  1. Extract the water: this will vary on the amount of water needed to be removed from the carpet. If excess, you may need to use a shop vac.
  2. Follow-up with an absorbent towel: after removing the excess water, press down with absorbent towels on the carpet. (If at this point you are struggling to remove the excess water it's time to consider calling water damage professionals.)
  3. Air dry the carpet: placing fans and dehumidifiers will help circulate the air and assist with the evaporation. (Check back on this process hourly) (if minimal water a hair drier can be used)

NOTE: in the event of a flood, it may be near impossible to salvage both the carpet and the padding underneath it. In these cases, the removal and replacing of both the carpet and padding is recommended.

  1. Replace the carpet padding: assure that when drying your carpet, not just the top fibers are dry. The carpet padding needs to be dried completely or it could lead to mold damage which will speak quickly.

Know that when you contact SERVPRO of East Mission and South Edinburg you are hiring a group professional. Our employees are trained and educated to be able to identify when and if your carpet can be salvaged. They are trained to know what process is necessary to restore everything back to look, “Like it never even happened.” Call us, at 956-585-3433, if you have any severe water damages within your home and your interior belongings are where there are damages.

Let's talk MOLD!

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

mold mitigation cleaning disinfectant Emergency services available 24/7, call 956-631-0348 for more information on our mitigation process!

When it comes to mold there’s some things that you should be aware. One thing is that mold is everywhere. It can be found outside, inside and even in commercial spaces. Mold will typically grow in wet or damp areas and can cause structural damage, rot wood even damage drywall. If you find signs of mold or suspect of mold in your commercial space, call a professional immediately before it causes serious problems or interrupts the production of your business.

What Are the types of MOLD?

In order to fully understand mold, its important to know the common mold types that are out there which include:

Alternaria- This type of mold propagates outdoors but can be carried indoors by the wind

Aspergillus- This type of mold is found indoors.

Cladosporium- This is not as severe as aspergillus but should keep an eye out for it as well.

Penicillium- This is easy to spot because it is either green or yellow.

Stachybotrys- This is known as black mold. This type of mold can cause structural damage to properties and produce a foul odor.

These types of molds can be found within your commercial with uncontrolled moisture issues. The best way to prevent mold is to monitor for leaks and patch them up immediately. Proper ventilation will also prevent the growth of mold.

Its important to know and practice preventative measure to prevent mild outbreaks in your indoor spaces. If your mold problem is recurring, a remediation can help solve your problems and ensure you that the mold won’t grow back.

A clean start is always a great start, with SERVPRO of McAllen!

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covid-19 clean germs gone delta clean DID YOU KNOW??

It's back to school and work time and with that being said, we know how crucial it may feel to go back to a safe working environment. We have been dealing with Covid-19 for about a year and half now, and with DELTA variant adding itself to the equation, staying clean seems to be the safest choice.

Staying clean doesn’t just mean washing your hands and using germ-x every chance you get. We are talking about a DEEPER clean one done to the school your children attend, your workplace or even your home.

At SERVPRO of McAllen, we use top of the line equipment to eliminate and prevent the spread of germs. We want to provide YOU the security to not just you but those around you like your employees or children.

Our employees #1 goal is to focus on detail, to provide an experience, “Like it never even happened.” Whether it's from cleaning or disinfecting the area, count on us to provide you back a sense of safety when it comes to cleanliness. CALL US, 956-631-0348!!


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cleaning, disinfection, clean Choose SERVPRO of McAllen the professionals, when looking for a top of the line home/commercial disinfecting service!!!

Did you know the flu virus can travel up to 12 feet through the air, at 100 miles per hour? That’s faster than a running cheetah, hitting a max speed at about 70-80 mph, THAT’S CRAZY! But with that being said, flu season is right around the corner along with BACK TO SCHOOL. Weather your littles ones remain taking classes from home, or go back to school it’s important to realize that we may not be able to prevent our kids being exposed to germs and viruses.

Here at SERVPRO we understand the safety of our children is #1 priority over all, so we handle our disinfection cleaning services VERY seriously. Weather you’re using this service to prevent viruses or even after a covid-19 exposure, you can count on us to handle the job 100% to the fullest.

Our disinfection services are highly requested from schools, daycares to personal homes for the same reason that it provides an assuring feeling that our children will be safe inside the building or home as well.

We work 24/7/365, viruses don’t take vacations and neither do we! Being a family-owned franchise, we understand our children’s health and our own cant be delayed. Call us! For more information on our disinfection cleaning services!!

“It's 5 o'clock on the dot so….”

7/6/2021 (Permalink)


It's 5 am and for some reason you’re awake... Why is there a busted pipe in my kitchen? Why did I just wake up in a pool of water…? It is silly to think we could plan ahead of time a leaking fridge or sink. It is even MORE silly to think there was a company that provided 24/7/365 services in remediation and restoration. Oh, wait? THERE IS!

At SERVPRO, forget about having to wait for normal business hours! We work around the clock for our customers, so believe in us, the professionals, to make your experience trouble-free. Odor control, water mitigation, cleaning sanitation, debris removal, textile cleaning and more are just some of the services we offer for your home and/or business!

If you are undergoing some home/business damages or you are curious to know if you have water damage or you see mold growing give us a call, we’d be happy to take a look at it!

Fire Safety for Kids!

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

Safety for Kids Call us today, (956) 631-0348, for your FREE quote!

Although the thought of our children going back to school might be lingering in the air, that may not be quite the scenario just yet. With summer school ending in most school, at this point in the summer, we all have our homes busy with the little pitter patters of our little ones. Take a moment during this down time you have and go over some safety tips with them! Give yourself the peace of mind knowing they know what steps, and directions, to follow in the event of a FIRE!

First things first, you want to have an escape plan ready. It's important to provide and easy escape route for children, for they sometimes need help in getting out of the house. They may not know what to do, or how to, unless an adult shows them so.

  • Have a plan ready for children who cannot go outside by themselves. In this scenario, if you have younger children or babies who can’t exit without the actual help of someone, talk to one another to know who will help each child to safety.
  • It's important to have 2 ways out of each room in your home, in the event one exit is blocked or not safe to exit from.
  • Have a meeting place outside your home. Kids should know what to do when they hear a smoke alarm and they are alone. Help them practice going to the meeting place, and discuss the importance of never going back inside a building, that is on fire.

We don’t want to think of our children being put through such scenario, but unfortunately the possibilities aren’t zero. For the safety of our kids, (peace of mind to us, the parents) it's always better to be extra prepared!!

In the event your home suffers from any fire damage, call SERVPRO (insert franchise) .At SERVPRO, we understand family means everything. When you’re a family-owned franchise you want to be able to provide this feeling of safety and peace of mind. We are here to help you! To help restore your home, and RESTORE you that feeling of safety back! When we provide 24/7/365 service, it isn’t hard to do either!! 

5 easy ways to be prepared for storm season!

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

KIT If your home suffers any damage due to a catastrophic event don’t hesitate in calling SERVPRO McAllen for a free quote at, (956) 631-0348!

We may not experience many hurricanes or tropical storms, but we want to have all the necessary tools to be prepared for such scenario, when we do. And hey, sometimes, storms don’t have to mean hurricanes or tornado watches!! Constant rain, after a long period of time, may lead to floods or damage to your home, if it wasn’t ready for such impact.

Let’s jump right into the good stuff on, “How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season”!

  1. Trim your trees: one of the most common ways a house suffers from damage is from fallen tree branches and/or limbs. While it may seem impossible to know which tree mother nature which choose to knock off her path, inspect those trees around your property and trim any necessary branches.
  2. Clean out gutters and check your roof: When your gutters aren’t cleared out regularly, you’re taking the risk that rain water will be backed up and end up pouring through the sides of the house, or even make its way to your roof line. Clearing out this task before a storm, might just save you damages and money beyond compare.
  3. Emergency kit ready: these can literally be a life saver if, in the event, you lose power during a storm.

Check list of items you may want to keep in your kit:

  • Battery operated flashlights/headlights
  • Candles/matches
  • Battery operated radio
  • Emergency cash
  • First aid kit (from Band-Aids, pain killers, alcohol to gauze) be prepared
  • Medications (for this scenario if you’re taking any daily crucial medications consider storing some in your kit just remember expiration wise when u stored them in the even u don’t use them you will need to swap them for a recent up to date dose)
  • 3-day supply of food and water (same for food with shelf life, check the dates on your cans to assure if not used within their time frame they are replaced)
  • Batteries
  1. Generator: this might just be your best investment in the event you live in an area prone to storms.
  2. Evacuation Plan: worst case scenarios can happen and you may be asked to evacuate your home. Familiarize your self w the different evacuation routes in your city. Also, keep close to you a list of family members and numbers where you may seek shelter. (Maybe having a listing nearby hotels in the event family isn’t an option for whatever reason)