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Loss Prevention Tips for Businesses

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Each spring follow these sump pump maintenance tips to ensure yours works properly and avoid any damages to your business:

STEP 1: Remove the cover. Check the pit or sump well for debris, such as mud, rocks, or gravel.

STEP 2: Flush the system. Ensure proper pump operation by flushing out the system with water from a hose or bucket of water. When the pump turns on, listen for any strange sounds. The pump should run smoothly. If it doesn’t, that could signal worn or damaged parts. (SERVPRO TIP: Contact a local plumber immediately for service.)

STEP 3: Inspect the float switch. As water fills the pit, make sure the float travels freely on the float rod.

Step 4: Inspect the discharge pipe. Before major rain, make sure the discharge hose is free from debris or obstructions, such as mulch, mud, stones, or rodent nests. Ensure that the discharged water runs away from your foundation.

Final Step: Inspect the check valve. Make sure your sump pump has a 3/16 relief hole in the riser pipe between the pump discharge and the check valve. This prevents check valve air locks and greatly extends the life of your pump.

There are times that we may not stay current with our sump pump maintenance and it could lead to bigger damages. If it the even this happens and you are in need of a professional mitigation and restoration company, CALL SERVPRO of McAllen

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